Someone once referred to high school as a pyramid. Popular kids on top, regulars in the middle, and nerds/dorks on the bottom. Upon graduation, this pyramid is flipped.

Nerds will generally be the top of society, the popular kids will be working the hardest at the bottom. The regulars won’t change.

Teachers mostly don’t want anything to do with you afterwards. Teaching is a job and  it requires focus and a lot of brain power that cannot be wasted on non-students.

These teachers have to learn a slew of new students names, strengths, and weaknesses. If you see them at the mall after a few years and say “Hi”, don’t be shocked if they don’t remember you.

Everyone disperses into the world at random. The only thing holding you all together was school. Now that you graduated, nothing is really holding you down anymore.

You will all fall out trying to pursue your personal missions while others will bum out not knowing what to do and still think they are teens until they’re suddenly 30.

There will be some schoolmates who will continue to pursue degrees and still come back home to figure out what to do next after job opportunities are not breaking out.

There will be some mates you’ll never ever see again. There will be some you see daily. There will be some you see on TV. There will be some in the news. Some too will become unplanned parents when they least expect.

There will be some you befriend that you never would imagine befriending in 20 years.

The ones you Boyfriend and Girlfriend will slowly lose touch with you over the years until they fade and you may have to start out all over with your headlight fully turned on this time.

It is at this point that tip offs from parents begin to drop drastically as a means of letting you know that you are no longer a teenager.

If there’s a plan and a desire to conquer life, it ought to have started from high school. If you didn’t, well, the day is still young and the earlier you rise up to the task, the sooner you will realise your strength and weakness and know what you should focus your attention on.

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