I do not know if my choice of words are good enough to attest to this. The lady in this photo is called Miss Chritabel Ghansah. She holds the ultimate position in her school as the head prefect in Ahantaman Girls’ Senior High.

The interesting fact about her school is that student leadership is not addressed by the traditional perfect names we all know about in Ghana.

For example, “School prefect” Dining Hall Perfect” and the rest. Ahantaman Girls’ Senior High has moved beyond that cliche many years ago. Christabel is addressed as (HRM) “Her Royal Majesty”. As ridiculous as this sounds, it is a prestigious honor bestowed upon her and no single student in the school dare take that for granted.

It isn’t a mere fashionable title, Her Royal Majesty, Christabel, lives up to that expectation. Her words do not fall to the ground. She’s knowledgeable, extremely confident, and has the school under her control.

She’s basically the PRINCIPALITY of Ahantaman Girls and probably the queen of all the senior high school prefects across Ghana.

We are curious to see a senior high school prefect with much capabilities like that of Ahantaman’s HRM who is also honored by the students and the entire school administration.

Her functions are too extreme to the extent that if you showed up in the school to see any of the staff and you don’t get to see any but has the opportunity to see the HRM, it is as good as meeting the headmistress of the school herself.

HRM Christabel works with precision and can actually speak the mind of her headmistress about a situation as though they are one entity operating in different bodies.

It is extremely amazing how the administrative body of Ahantaman Girls’ Senior High worked together to groom their prefects to handle the key affairs of the school as they lay back and take pride in them.

HRM and her deputies came to an agreement with the school authorities and invited High Schools Africa over, just so they would let you know what Ahantaman Girls’ Senior High school is capable of.

HRM Christabel gave us a full tour of her school.

In this video, she reveals the glory of Ahantaman Girls SHS in a manner that every high school should be proud of and most especially, current and old students.



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