As part of our numerous programs to make the high schools across Africa more entertaining and desirable is our prestigious program dubbed “Brag About Your School”.

In this, we collaborate with school administration and host head Prefect in high schools and give them the chance to show what’s unique about their school and present their school to the world in a manner that will gain the interest of the masses. Perhaps they may consider enrolling their relatives in the school if there comes a need.

We had our time with Ahantaman Girls Senior High, a senior high school in Ghana West Africa where their head girl “HRM Christabel Ghansah took time to sell her school in a very profound manner to the world.

Our next destination is Ghana Secondary Technical School. Also a senior high school in Ghana West Africa. We are meeting up with the head prefect and we can’t wait to share with you what “GSTS” is all about.

You are greatly encouraged to get in touch with us via our Instagram channel if you would like us to visit a particular school.

Get in touch via our Whatsapp line – +233592890812

In the meantime as you wait for GSTS video upload, take a few minutes to check up on the school, Ahantaman Girls Senior High and everything you need to know about them.


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